Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The story continues

This is mostly to be updated pictures of Roxy. She is doing great. My neighbors loved her but aren't going to be able to keep her. So we are back to square one on a home. She and my dog love to silent wrestle. It's funny to watch. Anyway - here are some new pictures.

Ain't she sweet!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Home again home again

Yesterday I reached my financial limit and called the vet. I couldn't afford them to care for her - I was coming to get her. After numerous phone calls, I found another boarding place that would watch her next week when I leave town and change her dressing for a fraction of what I was paying my vet. So on top of the supplies for dressing changes, and medication - I got some of her vaccines done.

You'd never know this pup was sick. Got her in the back of the car and she stood up and watched all the way home. I got to my place and went to unlock all the doors and she jumped in the front seat. Finally got her inside. She walked around the bathroom and looked around. She was so happy to be somewhere else.

For being so "injured" you'd never know it. She jumped the baby gate while I ran errands and put herself on the couch. We managed the dressing change with little trauma. She did excellent actually. My upstairs neighbors are interested in her - and are going to keep her for me while I go on vacation so YEA I don't have to board her.

We didn't sleep well last night. She cried if she couldn't see me. So I kept waking up and rolling over to the opposite side of the bed. We are all exhausted this am.

She is finally sleeping. I'm giving her benadryl twice a day because she is still covered in fleas. Just so everyone knows - she is sleeping in a play pen in the living room. She wants to be able to see what it going on and whines/cries in the bath room.

I'm showing the neighbors how to do the dressing change this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Up to date

Up until this point I've been telling this story from mine and Roxy's point of view but it has actually been over the last few days even though I just posted everything today!


I heard from the vet - they cleaned and washed her wounds again and rewrapped them.
My bill is adding up - I've already surpassed the downpayment and working on a good bit more. I want to help but I'm not financially independant to this extreme.

I plan on going to see her tomorrow. I want to know how she is fairing and see if we might can come up with some more cost effective measures for treating her.

I don't know about this

I'm not sure about this. Some people got me and tried to clean me but it HURT. Thank heavens they stopped. Then I got taken somewhere else - I had a pillow and got food and water it was WONDERFUL.

The next day I was taken somewhere else again and put into a cage. I'm not so sure about this. I have blankets and water and food but I don't like this cage.

Then they made me walk - after that everything is a little fuzzy and I don't remember much.

I woke up in the cage again - but I don't hurt so much. I have something funny around my neck and I can't lick my feet - but they don't hurt so I don't need to.

Hmm - I feel fuzzy again - I'm going back to sleep.


You're Going to do WHAT?

The morning after we found the Pit Puppy (Now we will refer to her as Roxy - I needed something to call her and this fit perfectly) we got up early to be the first people at the vets. We had let the vet know ahead of time we were coming. They were ready for us when we got there.

The staff was wonderful - she got weighed (40.1 lbs) and temp taken (normal) and looked at. I was told I could have taken her to the Animal Shelter in town because they had a vet - but I hadn't realized this at the time. The last time I had dealt with the shelter they outsourced their vet needs to this clinic. They took her back to isolation and we began talking money.

This clinic needed 200 dollars just to start working on her. They would not do anything pro bono because my town has recently passed legislation on Pit Bulls. There is a very strict screening and registration process. This animal was obviously illegal because it was registered appropriately. We decided to start making calls. I would go home and work on my end and the receptionist was working from her end.

By noon, we found out the Animal Shelter in town (because of the legislation) did not adopt out Pit Bulls and would come get her from the clinic but they would euthanize her. The only reason was because she was a Pit Bull. I was horrified. I tried several no kill shelters just outside the city limits, I tried ones in town, I even tried a Pitt Rescue with no luck at anything. I was stuck.

By 4 - I couldn't do it! I had been reading about Pit Bulls all day - I kept thinking of her wagging her tail and just wanting to be petted even when she hurt.... I called the vet back and told them I would pay the downpayment..and they helped me work out a payment plan.

So once I had paid, they looked at her. Poor baby -

Roxy's Prognosis

She is covered in fleas (she got CapStar and treatment for that)
She has skin lesions (at this point it is suspected to be burns - however there is some concern it might be something else)
She got an antibiotic injection
She got pain meds.

They vet said they would call daily with an update on her and a bill estimate for me.


I got a phone call and text message while at work from the Boyfriend. Both said call me A.S.A.P. First thought is what is "what happened? " Everyone knows that thought - we all do it who's sick, who died... a multitude of thoughts run through your head. So I call. This is the basic conversation.

Me: Hey what's up?
Him: Look I found this injured dog under my sister's deck. I don't know what to do?
Me: Injured how? and What kind of dog?
Him: Looks like Road Rash on his legs. Legs are all scraped up and with scabs and such. I think maybe a boxer? I can't tell. He just has to be in pain - I don't know what to do!
Me: Look go to the pet store and get a cheap muzzle, then run by my place and get the old kennel. I'll take him to the vet in the morning.
Him: Ok - sounds good. I might try to wash him off. He's smells but I don't know.
Me: You can try just get the muzzle first.
Him: Ok - I'll see you at your house when you get off.

A little while later I got an email picture of this poor dog. I see them and realize "Oh my that's a Pit Bull."

I look at these poor pictures and can't help but feel a wave of compassion for this dog. This poor thing either got out during the 4th of July fireworks or someone really didn't want him. I am now very eager to get home to see the dog for myself.

Once I get home, I see the boyfriend has put the dog in the bottom of the kennel on the back porch. The kennel is a little too small but the dog seems ok. My Boyfriend said she growled once - but only when our dogs went out there right when he was trying to get her settled in. At this point we realize this dog is a she.

She drank a good deal of water and had some food. She seemed to be very hungry although she does not look underfed. I called an emergency vet line to see if I could give her anything for the pain but they suggested not to.

I had been concerned about the aggression of this dog. I'll admit I was a Pit Bull Doubter that this animal would be sweet and nice. But I have to admit - she amazed me. Even in all her pain, when I would open the sliding door to the back porch to check on her - she would thump her tail against the side of the kennel bottom. She was SO happy to see someone. I even gave her a few dog treats out of my hand - she was so polite - all tongue and no teeth. The next day we will take her in - I will write a separate post for that so none are too long. Here is one last picture of this baby at my place.

What in the world

- Ok I'm scared.. Where am I ? What is going on? I don't understand.. Ohhh I hurt. Goodness that isn't easy. Ok walk - I need water and to lay down! Walk... ok I can hide under here. Now I need to lay down. Carefully - *sigh* ok I'm down. I don't know if I can get back up later though. Hmm. I'm tired going to sleep now.

----------Unknown (Later Named Roxy)