Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I got a phone call and text message while at work from the Boyfriend. Both said call me A.S.A.P. First thought is what is "what happened? " Everyone knows that thought - we all do it who's sick, who died... a multitude of thoughts run through your head. So I call. This is the basic conversation.

Me: Hey what's up?
Him: Look I found this injured dog under my sister's deck. I don't know what to do?
Me: Injured how? and What kind of dog?
Him: Looks like Road Rash on his legs. Legs are all scraped up and with scabs and such. I think maybe a boxer? I can't tell. He just has to be in pain - I don't know what to do!
Me: Look go to the pet store and get a cheap muzzle, then run by my place and get the old kennel. I'll take him to the vet in the morning.
Him: Ok - sounds good. I might try to wash him off. He's smells but I don't know.
Me: You can try just get the muzzle first.
Him: Ok - I'll see you at your house when you get off.

A little while later I got an email picture of this poor dog. I see them and realize "Oh my that's a Pit Bull."

I look at these poor pictures and can't help but feel a wave of compassion for this dog. This poor thing either got out during the 4th of July fireworks or someone really didn't want him. I am now very eager to get home to see the dog for myself.

Once I get home, I see the boyfriend has put the dog in the bottom of the kennel on the back porch. The kennel is a little too small but the dog seems ok. My Boyfriend said she growled once - but only when our dogs went out there right when he was trying to get her settled in. At this point we realize this dog is a she.

She drank a good deal of water and had some food. She seemed to be very hungry although she does not look underfed. I called an emergency vet line to see if I could give her anything for the pain but they suggested not to.

I had been concerned about the aggression of this dog. I'll admit I was a Pit Bull Doubter that this animal would be sweet and nice. But I have to admit - she amazed me. Even in all her pain, when I would open the sliding door to the back porch to check on her - she would thump her tail against the side of the kennel bottom. She was SO happy to see someone. I even gave her a few dog treats out of my hand - she was so polite - all tongue and no teeth. The next day we will take her in - I will write a separate post for that so none are too long. Here is one last picture of this baby at my place.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby, I love her!