Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You're Going to do WHAT?

The morning after we found the Pit Puppy (Now we will refer to her as Roxy - I needed something to call her and this fit perfectly) we got up early to be the first people at the vets. We had let the vet know ahead of time we were coming. They were ready for us when we got there.

The staff was wonderful - she got weighed (40.1 lbs) and temp taken (normal) and looked at. I was told I could have taken her to the Animal Shelter in town because they had a vet - but I hadn't realized this at the time. The last time I had dealt with the shelter they outsourced their vet needs to this clinic. They took her back to isolation and we began talking money.

This clinic needed 200 dollars just to start working on her. They would not do anything pro bono because my town has recently passed legislation on Pit Bulls. There is a very strict screening and registration process. This animal was obviously illegal because it was registered appropriately. We decided to start making calls. I would go home and work on my end and the receptionist was working from her end.

By noon, we found out the Animal Shelter in town (because of the legislation) did not adopt out Pit Bulls and would come get her from the clinic but they would euthanize her. The only reason was because she was a Pit Bull. I was horrified. I tried several no kill shelters just outside the city limits, I tried ones in town, I even tried a Pitt Rescue with no luck at anything. I was stuck.

By 4 - I couldn't do it! I had been reading about Pit Bulls all day - I kept thinking of her wagging her tail and just wanting to be petted even when she hurt.... I called the vet back and told them I would pay the downpayment..and they helped me work out a payment plan.

So once I had paid, they looked at her. Poor baby -

Roxy's Prognosis

She is covered in fleas (she got CapStar and treatment for that)
She has skin lesions (at this point it is suspected to be burns - however there is some concern it might be something else)
She got an antibiotic injection
She got pain meds.

They vet said they would call daily with an update on her and a bill estimate for me.

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