Friday, July 11, 2008

Home again home again

Yesterday I reached my financial limit and called the vet. I couldn't afford them to care for her - I was coming to get her. After numerous phone calls, I found another boarding place that would watch her next week when I leave town and change her dressing for a fraction of what I was paying my vet. So on top of the supplies for dressing changes, and medication - I got some of her vaccines done.

You'd never know this pup was sick. Got her in the back of the car and she stood up and watched all the way home. I got to my place and went to unlock all the doors and she jumped in the front seat. Finally got her inside. She walked around the bathroom and looked around. She was so happy to be somewhere else.

For being so "injured" you'd never know it. She jumped the baby gate while I ran errands and put herself on the couch. We managed the dressing change with little trauma. She did excellent actually. My upstairs neighbors are interested in her - and are going to keep her for me while I go on vacation so YEA I don't have to board her.

We didn't sleep well last night. She cried if she couldn't see me. So I kept waking up and rolling over to the opposite side of the bed. We are all exhausted this am.

She is finally sleeping. I'm giving her benadryl twice a day because she is still covered in fleas. Just so everyone knows - she is sleeping in a play pen in the living room. She wants to be able to see what it going on and whines/cries in the bath room.

I'm showing the neighbors how to do the dressing change this afternoon.

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